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Begginer Crochet Book Guide, 10 Projects

Begginer Crochet Book Guide, 10 Projects


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Our all-inclusive 10 Project beginner crochet book guide for kids, and adults contains everything you need to create beautiful, handmade crochet projects. Calling all budding artists and creative hobbyists - welcome to your happy place. Hearth & Harbor provides you with the tools you need to unleash your creativity, and you do the rest. Our guide book is super detailed with clear instructions. We worked with high end deisginers to make sure that you get the best and clearest guide to create your dreams! Your imagination is the only limit. If there are any issues keeping you from creating your dream project, we want to hear all about it, so we can help you resolve your concerns.

We had three goals for this book, because I wanted to make an ambitious 3 books in 1 volume:

The complete beginner's guide: To create the clearest, most comprehensive learn-to-crochet tutorials, with ultra close-up photos of every single step, so people can learn to crochet from my book.
The crochet tips guide: To distill all the knowledge and tips you can pick up all over crocheting life and put it into a clear, easy to follow instructions guide book.
The beautiful pattern book: To create a collection of stylish original accessories and home decor patterns that would make perfect gifts, so you'll want to make everything in the book! The patterns need to be simple to work (but not boring for experienced crocheters) and show some of the variety possible in crochet, so you'll learn more as you make each pattern.
This book is different from every other crochet book on the market and excellent value for money, whatever your crochet skill, as it's perfect for both beginners and more experienced crocheters. We hope you'll find it a valuable resource, whether your goal is to learn to crochet, to improve your crochet skills and knowledge, to find a selection of clean, timeless designs to crochet, or all of the above.
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