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Explore our Hearth & Harbor all-in-one crafting kits. Perfect for all that love crochet, candle making and sewing, all of our kits include instructions making it great for all skill levels.

Our 80 Piece Crochet Kit

Crochet Kits

Our crochet kits take the complexity out of crocheting. Each kit includes... 

Soy Candle Making Kit

Candle Kits

Experience the joy of crafting candles with ease. Each Hearth & Harbor... 

Beginners Small Sewing Kit

Sewing Kits

Perfect for beginners and pros. Sew with confidence using our high-quality sewing machine,... 

Why Choose Hearth & Harbor Kits

Quality Materials

We source the finest materials to ensure your creations are of the highest quality.


Our kits are designed with beginners in mind, providing step-by-step instructions to make crafting a breeze.

Endless Creativity

Explore a wide range of projects and styles to satisfy your creative spirit.

Video Tutorials

In addition to written instructions, many of our kits come with access to video tutorials. Watch and learn at your own pace, ensuring you can complete your project with confidence.